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  • Blood, sweat and fears – Summer Adventures in Mulu, Borneo

    As a mountain guide I have a healthy respect for heights, but hanging around in exposed spots comes with the job.  In contrast and rather surprisingly both my brother, Chris, and father, David, have a real fear of heights. As a young man my father found his adventurous streak riding motor bikes, (a sport Chris [...]

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  • Rémy Lécluse

    On the 23 September a huge avalanche hit a group of climbers on Manaslu in Nepal. Eight died and three are still missing, presumed dead, among them the extreme skier and mountain guide Rémy Lécluse. I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to his family and below is my own tribute to Rémy read [...]

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  • Putting the adventure back into Mont Blanc

    Part 1 – No gold medals for climbing Mont Blanc As the Olympics clearly demonstrate Human Beings have a fascination with records; fastest, longest, highest score etc, the list goes on and so we shouldn’t be surprised that when it comes to Mountains it’s the world’s highest peaks that attract all the attention. There are [...]

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  • Nanga Parbat ascent

    If Mountaineering was in the Olympics these guys would have gold medals not flowers round their necks… amazing efforts guys congratulations! Check out this article  

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  • Expanding minds and stretching horizons

    Nick Parks, drawing on previous experience as head of outdoor education at Marlborough College, discusses how travel can be used across the school curriculum and the work of Stretching Horizons. Later this year, teachers and adventurers, travel, legal and safety experts will congregate at the annual Stretching Horizons Conference, to discuss some of the ways [...]

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  • Back indoors ……

    After twelve days of minus 25 degrees in Greenland, it’s great to be thawing out in damp, flooded, drought ridden Devon!

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