Nick Parks

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TV & Film

I have worked for TV productions in extreme locations across the globe for over a decade. My expertise and experience means that I’m employed principally to be across all aspects of safety and for crisis management on location.

My first real job was at Operation Raleigh as a SWAT member (Selection Weekend something?) A fantastic year based in the Old War Office building in Whitehall. Met some amazing people not least a young Ray Mears who also became a SWAT. Years later and already a household name on Television Ray called me up and invited me to fix the “Mountain” episode of his Extreme Survival show. We had great fun in a hut on the edge of the Vanoise National Park for 10 days. The jacuzzi was a bit out of place for Extreme survival but I’m grateful to Ray for my introduction into the world of TV.

In 2007  I was approached by Diverse Bristol to accompany the Man Vs Wild Production team to Patagonia. There, amongst some of the wildest peaks in the world, I was introduced to Adventure Documentary film making Bear Grylls style. Fifteen shows later I have been lucky enough to have travelled to six continents rigged in some of the most arduous and potentially dangerous locations, worked with a fantastic team and survived eating numerous unpronounceable bugs!

My job as a Safety Consultant for Discovery Channels’ Man Vs Wild Series starring Bear Grylls had a broad remit including:

  • overall responsibility for crew safety
  • action sequence coordinator
  • locating and setting up stunts
  • rigging and operating safety ropes
  • producing detailed risk assessments
To see what we got up to on the shows and the extent of the work I was involved in I have uploaded sequences from all my credited shows.. enjoy!

More recently I have combined my “Safety” experience on Man Vs Wild more directly with my in-depth knowledge of mountainous areas around the world and most importantly contacts in them to provide a full Mountain Fixer Service.

In July 2011 I coordinated the first ever Berghaus TV advert in the dramatic Dolomites, this involved working with Berghaus athletes including Leo Houlding and Rob Jarman. The advert was filmed and directed by Al Lee of Posing Productions the man behind the highly acclaimed Asgard Project.

Following on from that I have “fixed” further photo shoots for Berghaus in Switzerland (Saas Fee), France (Chamonix) and Italy (Courmayeur). In April 2012 I spent a month in  Greenland supporting Leo Houlding and Al Lee in their preparations for their successful big wall expedition to Ulvetanna in Antarctica later that year.

In 2013 I worked as Lead Health and Safety Supervisor on two episodes of Betty TV’s “Bear Grylls – Escape From Hell” for Discovery International filmed on location in Southern Morocco and Northern Italy.

2014 has seen me working on two shows for Discovery. In July I went to Mulu in Borneo as Lead H&S and rigger for Leo Houlding and Monty Halls Lost Worlds production. September saw me in Chiapas, Mexico for 3 episodes of betty TV’s “Bear Grylls – Last 48″ and Italy in October for a further 3 episodes.